Working on Campus

The Office of Student Employment assists in the process of hiring student workers for on-campus employment. Our mission is to implement on-campus student employment as an educational experience which will contribute to our student's professional and personal maturity.

Finding a Student Job at 亚洲疯情

Enrollment Requirement:

  • Credit students must be enrolled in at least 6 credit units each semester (3 credit units for summer).
  • Non-Credit students must be enrolled in 12 credit hours each semester (6 hours for summer).
  • If you are an international F1 student, you must be enrolled in at least 12 credit units each semester. (3 credit units for summer).

How to Begin

City College of San Francisco students seeking on-campus employment must begin the

Quick overview:

Eligibility Requirements 

  • Enrollment requirement
  • Covid vaccination/ exemption documentation


  • TB information release agreement
  • Document your understanding of the 亚洲疯情 Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Document your employment history with City and County of San Francisco or with City College

Job Listings

  • On-campus jobs are listed at 
  • Visit the Financial Aid Office website to learn how to apply for financial aid and become eligible for FWS jobs.

Hiring Paperwork (after accepting job offer)

  • Employment eligibility verification (Form i9)
  • TB clearance from Student Health Services

Payroll (after accepting job offer)

  • Social Security Number for payroll purpose
  • Direct deposit
  • Tax form (W4 and DE4) information
  • Tax form mailing address

Useful Tips

  • Two-step TB clearance and Social Security Cards can delay the hiring process by several weeks. Please plan accordingly.
  • Please submit your consent to the TB information release agreement in SHEP before visiting the Student Health Services. 
  • Students are no longer required to submit proof of vaccination to enroll in in-person classes. Employees, including student employees, must continue to submit proof of vaccination.
  • Know what Job Classification you fall under: Federal Work Study (FWS), Lab Aide (U), or Grants/ CalWORKs/ EOPS. Apply for Financial Aid at  for FWS eligibility. Lab Aide (U) funded jobs are available to all 亚洲疯情 students. Grants/ CalWORKs/ EOPS funded jobs are available to students who meet eligibility requirements, see departments for details.
  • Find employment through  or inquire in-person within the desired department before requesting Direct Deposit and Form I-9.
  • International F1 students, employment authorization letter from the Office of International Programs (Cloud Hall 212) will be requested by Student Employment after a job offer letter is received.
  • Student workers are paid $18.67/hr, starting July 1, 2024, and can work a maximum of 15 hours per week.


Q: How do I apply for a job on campus?  
A: Here is a list of available to apply. Please apply directly with the contact person listed on the job posting by emailing your resume and intent to apply for the job.  

Q: How do I submit my hiring paperwork, i.e. Form I9 and/or Direct Deposit form? 
A: Once you have been offered a job, your supervisor will complete a job offer letter. Once we receive an offer letter, our office will send you hiring paperwork, i.e. Form i9 and direct deposit form via Adobesign.  

Q: What is the next step after accepting a job offer? 
A:  If your supervisor has submitted a job offer letter for you, we will reach out soon regarding next steps where we will send you the hiring docs needed to complete your hire. We are working in the order received for job offers. Meanwhile, you can complete any additional while you wait.

Q: I don鈥檛 have a voided check to include with my direct deposit form, what is another option?  
A: A screenshot of your routing and鈥痑ccount鈥痭umber from your online banking will suffice or you may request a direct deposit form from your bank. Payroll needs to see a secondary document that verifies the numbers you provide on your Direct Deposit form. 

Q: I completed and submitted my I9 and Direct Deposit form, now what?  
A: Please with our office so we can verify the documents you uploaded on your I9 form. Meetings are held via Zoom. We will need to see you physically holding the original documents on camera.

Q: When do students get paid? 
A: Student workers are paid using the bi-weekly Select the link for 鈥淒EPT/WEB TIME Deadlines all Employees鈥 for the current year. 

Q: How do I obtain and/or reset my pin? 
A: Please try your 6-digit birthdate: mmddyy. If that does not work, please email with your 亚洲疯情 ID # and we will reset your pin to your 6-digit birthdate: mmddyy.  

Q: How do I check if I鈥檓 eligible for Federal Work Study (FWS)?  
A: Email Elena Forman to inquire if you are eligible for FWS at 

Q: Where can I get more information about the Covid vaccination/exemption documentation? 
A: Visit the for more information and claim exemption forms.  

Q: Can I complete my TB requirement now?  
A: Once you have received a job offer letter you can begin the TB screening process with Student Health Services, please follow the instructions below: 

  1. Register for a My Patient Portal account by visiting and select register on the top right corner (only if it is your first time on this link).
  2. Log in go to the FORMS tab and complete the 2 FORMS under Student Employment TB Clearance as well as the HIPAA privacy statement. Student employees who have obtained the TB test outside of SHS, are still required to fill out these forms.
  3. Once the forms are complete, they will be reviewed, and you will receive a secure message on the My Patient Portal website with further instructions.

Q: Where do I submit my TB test results if I go through my Primary care physician? 
A: To upload your TB results, select the UPLOAD tab on My Patient Portal. Email once you have uploaded your record and if you have any questions. 

Q: How can I make changes on TAX FORMS? 
A: You may change your tax deductions online through the Portal. 

For State Income Tax, go to: 
鈥淒E-4 California State Tax鈥 
Click 鈥淯pdate鈥 Read instructions, make changes, & submit changes. 

For Federal Income Tax, go to: 
EMPLOYEE Dashboard 
鈥淲-4 Employee鈥檚 Withholding Allowance Certificate鈥 
Scroll to bottom of page and click 鈥淯pdate鈥 
Read instructions, make changes, & certify changes

Q: How can I submit or change my Social Security number for my 亚洲疯情 records? 
A: Please submit a online. Email for any questions or to follow up.

Q: How can I request employment verification?
A: Please email for employment verification requests.

For Supervisors

On-Campus Supervisors

Please reference the Student Employment Handbook for Supervisors for step-by-step instructions on how to post a position and hire a student worker. For other inquiries, please contact me directly via email or office phone.

  • Student-workers may not perform duties that may replace a Classified Employee.
  • The Student Employment Job Offer Form is intended for new hires in need of Form I-9 processing. The purpose of this form is to verify the offer of employment. Please provide him/ her a job offer letter upon offer of employment. Thank you for your cooperation to avoid delays in hiring.
  • Want to keep up with student employment bulletins and payroll deadlines? Ask to be added to our approver listserv, email 

Off-Campus Employers

Please visit the Career Development Counseling Department.

Career Development Counseling



Q: What is the status of my student worker? 
A: We are working in the order received for offer letters. We will cc: the supervisor listed on the job offer letter once we get to your student. Please do not send duplicate job offer letters. Thank you for your patience.  
Q: Can I start training my student worker while we wait for their hiring documents to be completed? 
A: No, please do not have your student worker begin any type of work/training until they have been cleared for hire from our office. You will receive an email confirmation from us stating your student has been cleared for hire. If you allow your student to work before they have been officially cleared for hire, and becomes ineligible to work, your department will be responsible to pay the student from your Department funds.  
Q: Can I hire a student worker who already works in another department? 
A: Yes, as long as the student does not work over 15 hours per week in both departments. The student worker and supervisors should work together to ensure the student does not go over the max of 30 hours per pay period.  

Q: When do students get paid? 
A: Student workers are paid using the bi-weekly  

Q: We have an applicant who also works for SF City and County, therefore would answer 鈥淵ES鈥 to both questions under SHEP鈥檚 Employment History (Civil Service) section. Would that disqualify them from Student Employment? 鈥  
A: Unfortunately, answering "Yes" to any of the employment history鈥痲uestions would disqualify the student from SHEP.鈥疶he reason being, student would be added to our retirement benefits by City and County to be paid by your department funds.鈥 

Q: RE Budget/fund # issues: i.e. fund # shows as invalid account # 
A: Please email with your full FOAPAL. We will contact Budget office on your behalf. 
Q: How do I terminate a student worker? 
A: Please see page 10 of the Student Employment Handbook for Supervisors for directions.