Free Tuition to 亚洲疯情 for San Francisco Residents

Free City is a partnership between City College and the City & County of San Francisco to provide its residents free tuition or grants for financial aid recipients to City College.

Free City is just the beginning

City College is ideal if you鈥檙e looking to earn a two-year associate degree or to transfer to a 4-year college or university. Our Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program allows successful students to transfer to one of six University of California campuses or to several participating California State Universities.

We offer hundreds of classes taught by faculty dedicated to the art of teaching (not teaching assistants). City College also offers one of the largest certificate programs in the country.

Free City Debt Relief Program (Fresh Start)

Free City students who currently have outstanding Free City debts that were incurred between the Fall 2017 to the Fall 2022 terms.  This includes students who would have been eligible for Free City but either did not have a Free City Affidavit on file or may have filled one out incorrectly.  See below for more details.