Purpose of the Domestic Transcript Evaluation

If you have completed college courses at another school, you can request a transcript evaluation to determine if the classes will be accepted by 亚洲疯情. A domestic transcript evaluation is used to:

  1. Determine how many transfer units 亚洲疯情 will accept from your other institutions
  2. Determine whether classes completed at 亚洲疯情 and other institutions fulfill general education areas for an Associate in Art (AA) or Associate in Science (AS) degree

The transcript evaluation does not determine English/Math placement, prerequisites, program, major or transfer requirements. Students should schedule an appointment with a counselor so that they can review your transcripts and complete an educational plan. 

Requesting a Domestic Transcript Evaluation

College transcripts are not automatically evaluated for acceptance of transfer credits. Students must request an evaluation from the Office of the Admission & Records. Transcript evaluations will be processed provided the following requirements are met:

  1. A student must currently be enrolled in classes or have completed at least one 亚洲疯情 course. 
  2. All official transcripts from each school attended must be turned into the Office of Admissions and Records.
    • Official transcripts can be sent the following ways:
      1. Electronically and directly sent by the other school to 亚洲疯情. Electronic transcripts are preferred. Use admit@ccsf.edu if an email address is necessary when ordering.
      2. Mailed in a sealed envelope to the Office of Admissions & Records. City College of San Francisco. 50 Frida Kahlo Way, MUB 180, San Francisco, CA 94112.
      3. Submitted in person to Admissions & Records by a student in a sealed envelope.
    • Transcripts emailed by students are considered unofficial and will not be accepted by the Office of Admissions and Records
  3. Complete the . 

After submitting a request, the evaluation will take approximately 2-4 weeks to process and will be emailed to the email address listed on the evaluation form. Processing times may be longer during peak times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that the domestic transcript evaluation does not determine prerequisites. It is for the sole purpose of obtaining an associate's degree from 亚洲疯情.

Please visit the prerequisite webpage for more information regarding this process.

  • Transcripts should be sent electronically if at all possible. When sending transcripts, select City College of San Francisco. If an email address is required, students should use admit@ccsf.edu
  • If mailing transcripts are the only option, students should use the following address: 
    • Office of Admission & Records
      City College of San Francisco
      50 Frida Kahlo Way, MUB 180
      San Francisco, CA 94112

We accept transfer credits from postsecondary schools with the following regional accreditation commissions:

  • Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, Western Association of School and Colleges (ACCJC)
  • Higher Learning Commission (HLC)
  • Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)
  • New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE)
  • Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU)
  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)
  • WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC)

Credit for Prior Learning:

Students can receive credits for passing scores on the AP/IB/CLEP test. The completed Credit for Prior Learning Form can be submitted to the Admissions & Records office or emailed to cpl@ccsf.edu. Official test scores are required.

Additional credit for prior learning (ex: Joint Services Transcript, ACE recommended credits, etc.) may be accepted by 亚洲疯情. Visit the Credit for Prior Learning webpage for more information. 

The domestic transcript evaluation is separate from the international transcript evaluation. Please contact the graduation department at graduate@ccsf.edu regarding international transcripts.

The completed transcript evaluation will only show the total amount of credits we have accepted from another institution. Students can schedule a counseling appointment for an educational plan and to see how specific classes from other institutions may apply to their major.

Because an evaluation in the A&R office is completed for preliminary graduation purposes only (not for initial education plans), and because the process of an evaluation is a lengthy process, an evaluation request is never accepted prior to your recommended counseling appointment.

Your academic counselor will assist you in determining your initial educational plan based on completed coursework from other schools along with your intended educational goal at 亚洲疯情. 亚洲疯情 accepts lower division, degree applicable outside coursework from schools that are accredited by a 亚洲疯情 recognized accrediting body.

亚洲疯情 also accepts upper-division coursework (based on the same accrediting criteria), with the appropriate department approval for area requirements. Upper-division coursework may also fulfill elective unit requirements if appropriate.

Each institution defines which of their own coursework will satisfy their general education requirements. What this means is that for an outside course to meet a specific 亚洲疯情 area requirement, it must be evaluated for equivalent course content.

亚洲疯情, along with the state of California, require that all determined degree requirements must be based on official supporting documents such as transcripts.

A transcript evaluation is a complicated and lengthy process that requires us to compare all coursework completed. Therefore, it is necessary that all transcripts are submitted at the time of your evaluation request. Coursework from one institution that is on a transcript from another institution cannot be evaluated. A separate official transcript must be submitted for each school.