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Class Schedule Details

In-Person and Online Classes

City College offers in-person, online, and hybrid in-person/online classes. To find out the status of a particular class, look at the Location column of the online schedule.

  • Classes that have a Campus listed (e.g., Ocean, John Adams) are planned to be offered either entirely or partially in-person at the campus indicated.
  • Classes that say Online are standard online classes and will be taught through Canvas for the whole semester. Some classes listed online may have a synchronous meeting-that day and time will be noted in the schedule. Instructors teaching online may have a website available with more information about the class.

Hybrid and Online Classes

Hybrid鈥痗lasses are taught in Canvas with some required in-person meetings. The meeting day(s) and time(s) will be noted in the schedule. Instructors teaching hybrid classes may have a website available with more information about the class.

Online classes are taught in Canvas with no required in-person meetings. Most online classes are asynchronous, but some online classes have required online meetings, and those meeting day(s) and time(s) are noted in the schedule.

Asynchronous and Synchronous Instruction

Asynchronous鈥痠nstruction allows the student to view and participate in coursework at any time they choose during the week, whereas鈥synchronous instruction with live online meetings will require the student to log in and attend live lectures via Zoom at specified days and times.

Important note:鈥疉ll online classes are not self-paced. Students will be guided by the instructor on deadlines for coursework. 

Required Technology and Internet Use

亚洲疯情鈥檚 official learning management system is鈥Canvas. Students enrolled in Online or Hybrid classes will be required to use Canvas.鈥

亚洲疯情鈥檚 official live online meeting platform is鈥痁oom. Students enrolled in Hybrid or Online classes might have required live online meetings via Zoom.

Both Canvas and Zoom require an internet enabled device, and some classes might require a webcam for Zoom.

Time Conflicts

As you plan your schedule, please do everything you can to give yourself a schedule without time conflicts. Do not expect the instructor to accommodate time conflicts.

Registration is underway. To secure your classes, register now.